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How suitable are the remedies?


It has come to my attention recently, that many people are concerned about the alcohol content in the remedies, particularly for children and pets.

The remedies found in the stock bottle and Rescue Remedy  are preserved in 27% grape alcohol which is a non-active ingredient. 

For those wishing to abstain from taking the remedies due to the alcohol content, that is a personal decision and can either not take them, or choose another form of Rescue Remedy e.g. the pastilles, gum or cream.

The required dosage is 2 drops from the stock bottles, and 4 drops of Rescue Remedy, which can be administered directly into the mouth or diluted into a beverage of your choice, which can be sipped as required. By this stage the actual alcohol content is virtually non-existent.  This is probably the best option for anyone who is concerned especially when giving the remedies to young children, pregnant women, or animals. 

According to the Bach Centre (in the UK), the amount of alcohol in a sip from a glass of water with four drops in is barely measurable - we are talking homeopathic levels of dilution - and there is no record of anyone (child or animal) being harmed by this. In fact, the alcohol-free versions have only been marketed for a few years - for nearly 70 years the only option was the alcohol-based version.


For cats and other animals, the best way to give remedies is on a treat, from a diluted treatment bottle (2 drops  each of up to 7 remedies in a 30ml mixing bottle filled with spring water, from this 4 drops can be taken 4 times daily.)  This is better than putting drops in the cat's water, because sometimes cats will refuse to drink if they can smell the brandy. And obviously it's not good if an animal is refusing liquid. Putting the drops on a treat gives the cat the opportunity to refuse the remedy if it wants to.

Other options to administer the remedies for people are to add 4 - 10  drops to a water fountain, bath water, or to a spray bottle.  

 Article by ©Sarah Brune.


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