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Rescue Yourself with the Bach Flowers


Feature Article ~ Rescue yourself with the Bach Flowers

Recently I had to go to the dentist to get some work done and as, thankfully, it has been some time since I last had to have a filling, I was feeling nervous. As the appointment day became closer the more nervous, I was feeling about the whole process.

A few days prior I decided to make a remedy mix which consisted of Mimulus (known fear), Star of Bethlehem (shock/trauma), Aspen (unknown fear), Crab Apple (cleansing), Walnut (protection from outside influences), Rock Rose (terror) and Rescue Remedy (stress/fear/anxiety)

I added 4 drops to every beverage I was drinking, to food, and directly into my mouth as often as possible. Just prior to my visit I put Rescue Cream onto my face to prepare myself for any shock/trauma/bruising etc. I also was using Rescue Spray and Rescue Pastilles to calm myself before leaving the house and just before my appointment.

Thankfully I was feeling calm and just let the professionals do what they do best. The actual appointment only took half the time that was allocated, and no freezing (just numbing gel) was needed.

On the way out I commented to the dental assistant that the whole process was not as bad as I had anticipated and that it was just as well you could not overdose on Rescue Remedy!






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