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Spring Clean your emotions with the Bach Flowers

Spring clean your emotions with the Bach Flowers
What is cluttering up your mind?
The Bach Flowers can assist by working gently to bring out the positive emotions that are lying dormant within you and help to cleanse your mind.

Clematis for when you have trouble concentrating on the present and find yourself daydreaming
Crab Apple for when you feel unclean and have a poor self-image
Mimulus when you are fearful or anxious about something known/specific
Red Chestnut for when you are over-concerned/fearful for loved ones
Walnut for when you need protection from outside influences
White Chestnut for obsessive and worrying thoughts that go around and around in your mind
Dosage directions:
For passing moods: Simply take 2 drops (4 of Rescue Remedy) directly into the mouth (do not touch the dropper with your tongue) or add to a beverage of your choice and take as and when needed
If you wish to take multiple remedies: You can combine up to 7 remedies to make up a personal mix. Simply add 2 drops of your chosen remedies to a clean 30 ml dropper bottle filled with still spring water. Take 4 drops at least 4 times a day directly into the mouth or in a beverage and sip at intervals. Repeat until equilibrium is restored.

Full list of 38 remedies

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