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How to take the Bach Flowers


How to take the Bach Flowers

How do I know which remedies to take?
Think of how you are feeling emotionally right now at this present moment in time. Then take the remedy or remedies that correspond to those feelings. Do not put in consideration how you felt in the past or yesterday or perhaps how you think you will feel tomorrow.  Also do not take a particular remedy ‘just in case’ as it may not work.

What is the dosage?
For immediate use for passing moods, simply take two drops of any remedy (four of Rescue Remedy) of your choice from a stock bottle either by mouth (above or below the tongue) or in a glass of water. Refrain from touching the dropper with your tongue. The maximum number of remedies at one time is seven.

For longer-term use make up a personal remedy mix

  • Use an empty 30ml (amber) bottle with a dropper in the lid (try the local pharmacy)
  • Add to the bottle two drops of each selected (maximum seven) remedy or remedies (four drops of Rescue Remedy counts as one remedy)
  • Fill the bottle up to the neck with mineral/spring water (not fizzy, ozonated or distilled water).
  • From this bottle take four drops, at least four times a day or more as and when needed.
  • The doses should be spread evenly as possible throughout the day. Take the remedies first thing in the morning and last thing at night, and when convenient throughout the day.
  • The mix will last for three to four weeks if kept cool and out of direct sunlight and it can be kept in the fridge.
  • You can also add a teaspoon of brandy, cider vinegar or vegetable glycerin to the treatment bottle to add as a preservative.

Other ways to take the remedies
For the following it is two drops from the stock bottle, or four drops from a mixing bottle and/or Rescue Remedy. The remedies are not affected by smells, flavours, or heat.

  • Directly into the mouth
  • Pulse points – wrists, temples etc.
  • Spray bottle – spray around a room etc.
  • A beverage of your choice.
  • A mister (can also include aromatherapy oils)
  • Bath water

How long do I take them for?
The remedies can be taken as often as needed, and there is no chance of over-dosing. If they are not needed they will not work or you will simply forget to take them.

Full list of 38 Remedies

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