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Why take a Bach Flower Course?

Why take a Bach Flower Course?

Although the remedies at first glance (often on the bottom shelf of a health food store) are rather unassuming and the only indicator of what they are the flower or a tree name e.g. Walnut or Water Violet there is much more to them that meets the eye.  In total there are 38 individual remedies, plus the most well know Rescue Remedy which has a bright yellow label and front and centre by the counter.

Who was their creator?

Dr. Bach was a British Medical Doctor in the early 1920s and worked in a general practice out of consulting rooms in Harley Street, having also studied bacteriology, immunology, and homeopathy during his career.

Over time, he realized that people reacted differently to illness, so he wanted to treat the person as a whole rather than what they were suffering from. Dr. Bach became dissatisfied with orthodox medicine and was convinced there must be a system of healing based purely in nature. In the late 1920's he gave up his lucrative Harley Street Practice and spent many years searching for and developing his new system from non-poisonous plants and flowers growing wild in the British Countryside

How do they work?

The Bach Flower Remedies work by subtly restoring balance to negative emotions i.e. stress, depression, fear.

In Dr. Bach’s words: “Take no notice of the disease, think only of the outlook on life of the one in distress” in this present moment in time.

What is the dosage?

Simply take two drops of the appropriate remedy and they assist with restoring equilibrium. Take as often as needed. Up to seven remedies can be combined in a mixing bottle and four drops can be taken four times a day over a three week period.

If they are so simple to use why take a course?

There are 3 levels offered by the Bach International Education Program that are approved by the Bach Centre.

By taking the first level students will become familiar with all of the 38 remedies; learn how and when to use the remedies in everyday life; and gain insight into the history and healing philosophy of Dr. Bach.

The second level gives you a deeper understanding of the many subtle differences of the remedies and you will gain confidence in selecting the appropriate remedies for yourself and others.

Finally Practitioner Training (Level Three) you will learn to use the remedies in a professional manner. You will gain listening and communication skills on how to conduct a consultation.

Sarah Brune is a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner and educator for the first two levels. She teaches the courses in the beautiful Comox Valley, BC

Article by Sarah Brune, BFRP.

 ©Sarah Brune.

Full list of 38 remedies

Rescue Remedy

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