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Bach Flower Level 1 - Distance Learning Program

Program Registration

The Bach Centre, UK



This program meets the Level 1 requirements of the Bach International Education Program and is approved by the Bach Centre, UK.

Approved Bach Courses

Level 1 - Distance Learning  Program (L1 DLP)

Learning at your own speed. Any time. Anywhere. Your lessons start when you are ready to!

Available worldwide directly through the Bach Centre, UK . Request Sarah Brune, BFRP, as your mentor

Prerequisites: None

With the support of a mentor, this self-study correspondence program can be completed in the comfort of your home, either on-line or by mail, over a period of several months. It teaches you how to incorporate Bach Flower remedies into your daily life to maintain emotional balance.

Recommended for people who wish to use the system personally or begin to integrate it for use with clients, friends and family.

Registration Fee Includes: The assistance of a mentor, 5 lessons, set books and a certificate. Your mentor (a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner) will mark your work and answer any questions you may have throughout the course via email or postal correspondence. Simply add Sarah Brune as your mentor in the 'notes' section at checkout.

Consists of 5 lessons:

Introduction: Understanding and using all 38 remedies
Self-help: Making the remedies part of your everyday life
Theory: How the remedies work, Dr. Bach's philosophy of health
History: Dr. Bach's life, discovery of the remedies
Helping Others: The selection and use of the remedies for helping people, animals and plants

You will learn:

  • History and philosophy of Dr. Edward Bach, his remedies and how they are prepared
  • Review of all 38 of Dr. Bach's remedies
  • How and when to use the remedies in everyday life
  • Indications for remedy use via case studies, examples and practical exercises
  • How to achieve emotional balance by reducing stress, alleviating worry, and improving self-confidence and well-being
  • A prerequisite for further training.

Other Learning Options & Information:

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