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Defuse the Back to School Jitters

By Sarah Brune, BFRP

The Fall can be a very stressful and nerve wracking time of year, with the start of school – a child going off to kindergarten to an older child leaving home for the first time to start Higher Education.  Not only does the parent get stressed and anxious, but so does the child and even the pet.

I still remember my son’s first day of kindergarten.  I sat at home and worried about him all morning and to make matters worse we received a phone call from the school with a teary child on the end.  It just broke my heart!

Twelve years later he moved away to University at the tender age of 17, again it was a nerve wracking experience and I found it hard to hold back the tears.  Then last year my daughter moved away which again was hard, but she has a set of Bach Remedies to help with the emotional ups and downs of adulthood. 

It is all very good been able to have instant communication via text, but not so good when my kids need to inform me of some sort of drama they have experienced e.g. Where am I? How do you operate the Dryer? I might miss the bus, Someone has just reversed into my Car….

Fortunately the Bach Flower Remedies are there to help with the emotional aspects of being a parent so that you can help from afar and defuse the so called drama and able to help with a sense of calm.

For general stress Rescue Remedy is useful to have on hand. It can help you to face the situation in a better frame of mind, and will help to reduce your fear and nervousness. It can be taken as often as necessary before a stressful event and will provide comfort and reassurance. Rescue Remedy often brings an immediate effect that will put you back in control.

Aspen and Mimulus will help ease the fears and worries.  Aspen is for fears and anxiety, when you are unsure of what could happen, those niggling anxious feelings that seem to pop up from time to time. Apprehension is replaced by a desire for a new adventure and new experiences, disregarding any difficulties that may arise with reassurance. Mimulus assists with known fears, providing one with a calm sense of courage to face difficult situations with confidence.

Moving away is a big step and can be very overwhelming. Elm helps with self-assurance and the ability to put things into perspective that everything will fall into place. Larch gives one the confidence that they will be able to cope with whatever life throws your way. For protection from change and outside influences Walnut gives us the ability to move forward and adapt to everything new or different in our lives.

Most importantly for the parent Red Chestnut for when you start to worry incessantly about your children. It can help you to become calm and confident that everything will work out and the niggling feelings of anxiety will be put to rest.

 Article by ©Sarah Brune.

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