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The Medicine of the Future


Medicine of the Future
So that the physician of the future will have two great aims. The first will be to assist the patient to a knowledge of himself and to point out to him the fundamental mistakes he may be making, the deficiencies in his character which he should remedy, and the defects in his nature which must be eradicated and replaced by the corresponding virtues. Heal Thyself, Chapter 6
For those who are sick, peace of mind and harmony with the Soul is the greatest aid to recovery. The medicine and nursing of the future will pay much attention to the development of this within the patient that we do today.  Heal Thyself, Chapter 8

Hospital of the Future
It will be a sanctuary of peace, hope and joy. No hurry: no noise; entirely devoid of all the terrifying apparatus and appliances of today: free from the smell of antiseptics and anesthetics; devoid of everything that suggests illness and suffering. Ye Suffer From Yourselves
No temperature taking
Not disturbing the patient from rest
No daily examinations
Peace and calm to bring upon a speedy recovery
No laboratories
The object of all institutions will be to have an atmosphere of peace, and of hope, of joy, and of faith. Everything will be done to encourage the patient to forget his illness; to strive for health; and at the same time to correct any fault in his nature; and come to an understanding of the lesson which he has to learn. Ye Suffer From Yourselves
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