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Introductory Course - Bach Flower Level 1

Level One

Introductory Course - Bach Students

Bach Students

Instructor: Sarah Brune, BFRP

Course Details

Experience Bach Flower remedies first hand and learn to incorporate them into your daily life in this information-packed  course.

Recommended for people who wish to use the system personally or begin to integrate it for use with clients, friends and family.

Registration fee of $360 (plus tax) includes twelve hours of instruction, numerous handouts, and a certificate.

Online Live Classes offered via Zoom over four midweek or weekend sessions. Handouts and certificates will be emailed.

You will learn:

  • History and philosophy of Dr. Edward Bach, his remedies and how they are prepared
  • Review of all 38 of Dr. Bach's remedies
  • How and when to use the remedies in everyday life
  • Indications for remedy use via case studies, examples and practical exercises
  • How to achieve emotional balance by reducing stress, alleviating worry, and improving self-confidence and well-being
  • A prerequisite for further training.


All times are Pacific Time

Dates: None scheduled at this time

Times: TBA Pacific Time

Course Fee: $360 plus tax

Please note attendance is required for all four online sessions to complete the course and to receive a certificate.  The sessions are not recorded.

"Preparation for Level 1" reading list recommended by the Bach Centre.

Please Email for more information.

November 2020 Level 1 Live Online Class
Level 1 Online Class ~ November 2020

Comments from students:

Sarah was wonderful at keeping the class flowing, engaging us, answering questions and sharing resources. She respected everyone's thoughts and opinions. Julie N

'I had a wonderful time learning about the remedies with Sarah. It was fun, interactive, and very informative.' L.S.

I took my Level 1 Bach Training with Sarah via her first ever ‘Zoom Class’. The Zoom delivery of the class worked great, it was well laid out with lots of opportunity for discussion and a good amount of time to review the material we had completed/studied between our sessions. Sarah is very experienced in using the Bach Remedies which provides excellent question/answer/ discussion opportunities. I look forward to continuing on my Journey of learning and sharing the Bach Remedies with others.
Kathy B.

Level 1 Bach Flower remedies with Sarah was very good - thorough, detailed, interesting. A lot of info covered, good start to learning about the remedies. Sarah is an experienced practitioner/teacher and has a lot of knowledge to share.  D.S.

Sarah's Level 1 online class was excellent. I feel that I have a much clearer understanding of the uses of the remedies and how to take them. The exercises given were fun and there was also time for discussion and questions. Lisa. W

Sarah Brune's level 1 course met my expectations for an introduction to Bach Remedies. Sarah is a capable and kind instructor with a vast experience, knowledge and passion for the topic. I'm super excited to continue learning about and using the Bach Remedies system, and sharing with friends and family. Barbara Lynn Barton

Sarah has a gift of explaining the Bach Flower remedies; keeping it simple and easy to digest. I really loved learning how these remedies can support virtually everyone, including pets and plants, and I feel confident and excited in integrating these essences into my day-to-day life. Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your wisdom with us. Stephanie Packer

When you first touch on the philosophy of Dr. Bach, it seems inexplicable from a scientific point of view. But when you see the result, taking Remedy, you understand that this is fantastic. The study and use of remedy immerses you in the fantastic world of healing. I am very grateful to you, Sarah, that you help open people to this wonderful world of Bach flowers. I found like-minded people on the course and will gladly go to the second and third modules. Marina Voytyuk

Loved taking the Bach Flower Course Level 1, Sarah was very professional, well organized and attentive to her students asking for any comments or questions we might’ve had. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and looking forward to the next levels! IV

"Sarah Brune not only clearly presented with depth of understanding the essences, but she communicated her appreciation and experience of what they have to offer."

"Sarah reinforced my desire to explore the Bach remedies in depth and provided me with the tools to do so."

"The course has a lot of information but for some reason does not become tedious."

"Sarah is very nice, uses a lot of examples and incorporates students into discussion, which makes the learning process much easier."

"I'm grateful that I was able to begin my Bach Flower Journey with Sarah. She has inspired me to go forward reaching my dreams.!"

"It was an amazing experience and the program helped me realize the core of my true emotions."