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Dr. Edward Bach

Dr. Edward Bach

Dr. Edward Bach

Dr. Edward Bach was born on September 24, 1886 in Moseley England. From 1906-1912 he studied medicine at the University College Hospital in London and trained to be a Doctor. By 1922 Dr. Bach worked in a general practice out of consulting rooms in Harley Street, having also studied bacteriology, immunology, and homeopathy during his career.

Over time, he realized that people reacted differently to illness, so he wanted to treat the person as a whole rather than what they were suffering from. Dr. Bach became dissatisfied with orthodox medicine and was convinced there must be a system of healing based purely in nature. In the late 1920's he gave up his lucrative Harley Street Practice and spent many years searching for and developing his new system from non-poisonous plants and flowers.


In 1934, Bach wrote the following concerning the way his Flower Remedies work:

"They cure, not by attacking the disease, but by flooding our bodies with the beautiful vibrations of our Higher Nature, in the presence of which, disease melts away as snow in the sunshine. There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind and inner happiness."

Mt. Vernon, Sotwell, Oxfordshire

Mt. Vernon, Sotwell, Oxfordshire

Dr. Bach moved to Sotwell in Oxfordshire in 1934, where he lived in a small house there called Mount Vernon. It is there that he discovered the last 19 of 38 remedies in the garden and surrounding countryside. After the discovery of the 38 remedies, Dr. Bach announced his work was complete.


"The dawn of a new and better art of healing is upon us"
~ Dr. Edward Bach, 1931

Bach Centre Sign

The Bach Centre - Mount Vernon - UK

He died in 1936 knowing that he had completed his work by devising a simple self-help form of healing covering all aspects of human nature's moods.

Mount Vernon, is now the Bach Centre and his trustees still collect and prepare the plants for the mother tincture in the same simple way as Bach intended.

The Bach system is made up of 38 healing plants addressing the different states of mind. The remedies help the physical body to gain strength and assist the mind to become calm, widen its outlook and strive towards perfection, thus bringing peace and harmony to the whole personality.

Dr. Edward Bach Bottle

Bach Bottles

Dr. Edward Bach Study

Bach Study

  • A healthy mind is the key to recovery, and the Bach Flower remedies work by gently restoring balance to negative emotions.
  • The key is to cure the personality, because different personality types react to illness in different ways and how they cope with it . The Flower Remedies deal with the personalities i.e. treating the patient and not the disease.
  • Everyone has a purpose in life, but often gets lost on the way . The Flower Remedies help us to become our true selves and that we will in turn rediscover our true purpose in life, health and true healing would then follow shortly.
  • Dr. Bach intended the Bach Flower Remedies to be a simple self-help measure available to people from all walks of life.
  • "Life, to him, was continuous: an unbroken stream, uninterrupted by what we call death, which merely heralded a change of conditions; and he was convinced that some work could only be done under earthly conditions, whilst spiritual conditions were necessary for certain other work."
    ~ Nora Weeks from the 'Medical Discoveries of Edward Bach Physician'