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Rescue Yourself with the Bach Flowers


Rescue Yourself with the Bach Flowers

Feeling stressed, anxious or afraid of an upcoming event (exam, dentist, flying, public speaking), or perhaps you have recently received bad news, or suffered from an unpleasant experience?

Fortunately, Dr. Bach created an emergency combination of remedies that is called Rescue Remedy. It is a mix of five different Bach Flower Remedies, which together help deal with any stressful event or emergency. It can restore balance and a sense of calm to help you to regain your composure.

Simply take 4 drops or 2 sprays either directly into the mouth as often as required or add to a beverage of your choice and sip at intervals. It is also available as pastilles and a cream (with the addition of Crab Apple).

  • Cherry Plum (for hysteria or loss of self-control) provides calmness and composure.
  • Clematis (dreaminess, faintness, lack of concentration) provides focus.
  • Impatiens (impatient, in hurry, agitation) provides patience
  • Star of Bethlehem (for shock/trauma after bad news/event) provides comfort and consolation.
  • Rock Rose (for terror and panic) provides peace and fearlessness.
If you find that you are using the Rescue Remedy frequently you may want to consider using some of the other 38 remedies.

Rescue Remedy
Rock Rose and Cherry Plum are here,
Clematis, Star of Bethlehem
Impatiens, the vital five
Combined in one to help revive;
To save the injured, rescue them
From tension, torpor, shock and fear.

Copyright © Flower Remedy Rhymes by N Harrison

Rescue Remedy
Full list of 38 remedies

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