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Rescue Yourself

Feeling stressed, anxious or afraid of an upcoming event (exam, dentist, flying, public speaking), or perhaps you have recently received bad news, or suffered from an unpleasant experience?

Fortunately Dr. Bach created an emergency combination of remedies that he called Rescue Remedy. It is a mix of five different  Bach Flower Remedies, which together help deal with any stressful or emergency situation. It can restore balance and a sense of calm to help you to regain your composure.

Simply take 4 drops or 2 sprays either directly into the mouth as often as required or add to a beverage of your choice and sip at intervals. It is also available as pastilles and a cream.

Below is a chart describing the properties and uses of Rescue Remedy. 


Negative  State


Assists with…

Cherry Plum



Hysteria &/or loss of self-control


Temper tantrums; hysteria; hyperactivity; on the verge of a breakdown; fearful of releasing emotions etc.    


Calmness and composure



Faintness/ Dreaminess

Dreamy; unable to concentrate; dizziness, absentmindedness; inattentiveness etc.   




Undue agitation

Irritated by other people's slowness; always in a hurry,  restlessness; hyperactive etc. 


Rock Rose



Thunderstorms; certain insects ; going to the dentist; flying; exams, public speaking; interviews;  anxiety attacks etc.    


Peace and fearlessness

Star of Bethlehem


For shock and trauma (timeless)

Receiving bad news; unwelcome surprises;  emergency situations; loss of a job, death of a loved one; divorce etc.  

Comfort and consolation

Crab Apple

(Rescue Cream)

For its cleansing & healing properties - use as soon as possible (not on open wounds)


Insect bites; bruises; scratches; cuts; burns; itching skin; sun burn; any shock/abrasion to the skin; sprains; whip lash etc. 

Topical for minor injuries.



More information about Rescue Remedy



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