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Personalized Bach Remedy Mix

Bach Flower Remedies are derived from 38 Flowers with natural healing qualities. 

Whether you’re struggling to overcome fear or self-doubt, recovering from a stressful or traumatic experience or simply trying to lead an emotionally healthy and vibrant life, we can create a Bach Flower Remedy mixture that’s tailor-made for you.

Read for yourself about the amazing healing qualities of the 38 Flowers to find your own personalized mixture.

Up to seven remedies may be selected at one time – simply choose the remedies that reflect how you are feeling right now.  If you select more than seven remedies, try to narrow it down to the key concerns you have at the present time.

Once chosen Sarah Brune will custom make your personalized mix.  This is made up of up to  two drops (four drops of Rescue Remedy) of each of your chosen remedies in one 30 ml amber mixing bottle and filled with spring water.

The dosage is four drops at least four times a day. Simply take directly into the mouth, or add to any beverage. The remedies are not affected by taste or smell or heat. The remedies can be taken as often as needed, and there is no chance of over-dosing, if they are not needed they will not work.

The remedies are safe for people of all ages (i.e. babies, children, pregnant mothers), and even your plants and pets. For more information:  Bach Flowers for Children and Bach Flowers for Pets.

Please note: this is one personal mix in one bottle and not a selection of individual remedies, the mix of remedies are from her currently open supply of stock remedies (which are preserved in 27% grape alcohol), and the remedies are to assist with your emotions and not physical complaints or as a substitute for medical care or assistance.

Ordering Options

  • Choose your own Mix -  up to 7 remedies in a 30 ml dropper bottle – starting at $25.00 for one.
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  • If you would like assistance with discovering the combination of Bach Flower Remedies that is right for you it may be as well to have a consultation with Sarah Brune, a qualified Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, for $100. Simply go to the Consultation page.