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Rescue™ Remedy

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Experiencing anxiety or stress due to interviews, public speaking, exams, childbirth, surgeries, medical appointments, sudden bad news, shock or something else?

Relief could be a spray (or a few drops) away!

Rescue Remedy is specially formulated to help you through stressful or traumatic situations. Whether it's anxiety over air travel or distress over sudden bad news, Rescue Remedy can help relieve your stress and help you regain your composure. It's safe for people and pets, too!

Rescue Remedy is a combination of five different Bach Flower remedies

  • Star of Bethlehem (for shock) provides comfort and consolation
  • Rock Rose (for terror and panic) provides peace and fearlessness
  • Clematis (for faintness) provides focus
  • Impatiens (for undue agitation) provides patience
  • Cherry Plum (for hysteria or loss of self-control) provides calmness and composure

A Formula for Every Body

Benefit from the healing power of Rescue Remedy in five convenient formulations, all of which can be taken as often as required:

  • Rescue drops: 4 drops directly into the mouth, added to a beverage or on pulse points.
  • Rescue Spray: 2 sprays directly into the mouth, added to a beverage or on pulse points.
  • Rescue Pastilles: 2 pastilles by mouth.
  • Rescue Cream: Apply directly to the skin - avoid open wounds. Contains the added benefits of crab apple and can help heal rashes, minor cuts, sore/tired feet, insect stings, bruises, etc.

Learn more about Rescue Remedy for Children or for Pets.

The Fine Print

  • If you have any doubts about any alternative supplements, including Rescue Remedy, always ask a health professional before use.
  • Rescue Remedy is not intended to replace emergency medical care or assistance.
  • Drops and spray versions of Rescue Remedy have the non-medicinal ingredient 27% grape alcohol, if this is a problem simply dilute, boil, use externally, or do not use.


"Four sprays of Rescue Remedy saved my day this week when our son called to tell us his truck had broken down AGAIN while away at college. Then, our dog got sick in the back seat of our car, after sensing our nervous tension, when we rushed back home to get ready for work on time. What a day!!! Rescue Remedy wiped away my nervous energy and gave me a sense of calm and peace."
~ T. Nielsen

"I was on my way to the first day of the Bach Flower Level 1 Workshop with Sarah and accidentally spilled scorching hot tea on my leg and burned it. It felt like my skin had peeled off and was very painful. When I arrived at the workshop, I told Sarah what happened. She gave me some Bach Rescue Cream and I put it on the burn... immediately felt soothing relief from the pain. I applied it repeatedly throughout the next 24-hours. Each time, I would immediately experience soothing relief and the pain subsided. The burned area healed very quickly and I am only left with a small scar as a reminder. The Bach Rescue Cream truly 'rescued' me from what I felt could have been an extremely nasty burn. I now carry a tube in my purse at all times. Thank you very much Sarah for the incredible workshop and your immediate response with the Rescue Cream."
~ S. Pipes