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Advanced Course - Bach Flower Level 2

Bach Flower Level Two

Instructor: Sarah Brune, BFRP

Course Details: Level Two is a Master-Class that provides the tools needed to gain a further understanding of the flower remedies.

Recommended for  people who want to explore the remedies more deeply and how they may relate to their life goals and personality.

Prerequisite:  Level One

You will learn:

  • How to gain confidence choosing and using the correct remedies in this practical interactive class via group work and case studies
  • Dr. Bach’s philosophy on a deeper level and how it relates to everyday life
  • Subtle differences and comparisons between the remedies
  • The use of type and mood remedies
  • A deeper understanding of the remedies for using them for yourself and others
  • A prerequisite for Practitioner Training – Level Three

Level Two Distance Learning Program (DLP2)

The Bach Centre's DLP2 consists of six elements which are a mixture of self-study and trainer led online sessions.

  • An online course manual
  • Written material to download and read
  • Videos to watch
  • Dossier - series of exercises to do
  • Real-world activities and exercise
  • Six weekly two hour online sessions

    The trainer led online sessions with Sarah Brune, BFRP are an opportunity to take part in group activities and exercises, ask questions, and share ideas with fellow students. There is one catch up study week  and all times are Pacific Time


    Dates:  None scheduled at this time

    Study week:


    Course Fee: $420 plus tax

    Please Email for more information.

    Please note attendance is required for all six online sessions, and they are not recorded.

    Required: Computer, good internet access, audio, webcam, and printer

    Recommended reading list to prepare for the course




    Reviews from students:

    I thoroughly enjoyed my participation in the Level 2 Bach Flower remedy class facilitated by Sarah.  I am grateful for her professional, organized and thorough presentation and documents, and also her timely regular follow ups emails.
    I appreciate Sarah’s pleasant, respectful and informative stewarding of our learning through the series of classes, and her calm and confident nature that is 
    reassuring and enjoyable. I learned a lot, and I plan on continuing my studies to become a BFRP.  Diana. P
    Sarah Brune's teaching style is kind, patient and light.  She is extremely knowledgeable with all of the flowers and shares her knowledge and stories about the flowers with ease.
    The DLP2 program was quite extensive but Sarah made it very clear and easy to follow along. 
    I have also taken the Level 1 program through Sarah (I was in THE very first online class for Bach Flowers that Sarah facilitated as well!) Allison R

    I found the class to be very useful and learned a lot from Sarah and all other participants. Sarah has a depth of knowledge and is very willing to share it. Her passion for the Bach remedies is evident and she has great enthusiasm in teaching the program. I look forward to continuing my learning with Sarah. MD

    The Level II Bach Course through Sarah Brune was just what I needed to take my involvement with the Bach remedies to the next level. There was a perfect balance of self-reflection and learning in the in-class group work and homework. The fellow students were thoughtful and empathetic people and I enjoyed their presence as much as the course material. Sarah holds space very well and I felt comfortable and safe in an online group setting. I am glad I signed up and I look forward to the next leg of my Bach journey. Aleksa K

    I attended Sarah Brune's Level II Bach Flower course and was delighted by the course, the instruction and everything I learned. I expanded my knowledge on the remedies and received a deeper understanding of each flower's healing powers. I came away with much more confidence in abilities to discern what flower or flowers are needed under given circumstances.

    The group activities and the consult done by the group at the end, in particular really helped challenge us to explore all sides of situations, people and emotions.

    Sarah is a knowledgeable practitioner and lovely patient teacher. I would recommend her course to anyone who is looking to further their knowledge and deepen their understanding of the Bach Flower Remedies. Laura L

    I loved the Level Two class. It was very helpful for cementing the remedies in my mind, and also for helping me make fine distinctions between the similar remedies. I enjoyed the calm and measured pace of the class, and appreciated the relaxed atmosphere. Heather K

    Thank you, Sarah, for your creativeness, all of the information, the yummy cake, and bringing us all together.  Huldah K

    I'd like to say the presentation of the class was fantastic! The engaging manner in which you taught made the class fly by so much that at the end of the day I thought it was just break time.  Kari H

    Thank you so much for giving me the great and enjoyable class time.  I’ve learned a lot more through your insights and experience. Yi Ling C

    Thank you Sarah for the wonderful class!  Loved the format, exercises and class interaction. Very informative and helped me have a deeper understanding of the remedies. Elissa M

    Thank you Sarah for a class that was informative, clarifying, and encouraging. Joan K


    Level Two Class ~ Spring 2018