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The 38 Bach Flowers

All the Bach Flowers are non-poisonous plants and trees grown in the British Countryside.

The Bach Flower Remedies work by subtly restoring balance to negative emotions i.e. stress, depression, fear. By simply taking two drops of the appropriate remedy they assist with restoring equilibrium. Take as often as needed.

In Dr. Bach’s words: “Take no notice of the disease, think only of the outlook on life of the one in distress” in this present moment in time.

All 38 remedies are listed below indicating the negative and positive indications.

Rescue Remedy is the most famous of the remedies, but in fact is not a remedy at all but rather a mix of five different remedies, which together help you deal with any emergency or stressful event. However, it is not intended to replace emergency care or assistance.

The five different remedies are: Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Clematis, Impatiens, Cherry Plum.

A natural relief in stressful situations such as: Air travel, exams, interviews, public speaking, child birth/operations, sudden bad news/shock, dentist/doctor appointments. 

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© Illustrations by Josie Brune. ** denotes Rescue Remedy flower.

Remedy Used to Treat Encourages
Agrimony Hiding troubles behind humour. Self-acceptance and inner joy.
Aspen Vague, unknown fears, terror or nightmares. Anxious but don't know why. Trust in the unknown. Reassurance.
Beech Beech Bach Flower Intolerant, over-critical perfectionists. See more good in the world.
Centaury Centuary People who find it difficult to say no. Assertiveness, ability to follow one's own path.
Cerato Cerato Self-doubt and indecision. Seeking advice from others. Confidence in one's own decisions.
Cherry Plum ** Cherry Plum Fear of losing control of mind, emotions or body; suicidal tendencies, temper tantrums. Mental calm.
Chestnut Bud Chestnut Bud Repetition of mistakes and experiences; inability to learn from mistakes. Ability to learn from mistakes
Chicory Chicory Over concern for others; possessiveness. Love and caring.
Clematis ** Clematis Daydreaming, lack of concentration. Brings down to earth.
Crab Apple Crab Apple Self-disgust, low self-esteem, a feeling of contamination. Self-acceptance.
Elm Elm You feel overwhelmed by your many responsibilities. Strength to perform.
Gentian Gentian Easily discouraged, dependent and self-doubtful, despondency from set back. Determination.
Gorse Gorse Hopelessness, despair, given up hope. Renewed hope.
Heather Heather Preoccupied and concerned for self, talkative. Good listener; empathy. Tranquility.
Holly Holly People overcome by anger, jealousy, envy etc. Assertiveness, ability to follow one's own path.
Honeysuckle Honeysuckle Living in the past. Involvement in the present.
Hornbeam Hornbeam Monday morning feeling. You procrastinate. Renewed energy.
Impatiens ** Impatiens Impatient and irritated with the slow pace of others. Patience.
Larch Larch Feelings of inadequacy; lack of self-confidence. Confidence.
Mimulus Minulus Bach Flower Fear of everyday things, illness, pain, accident or misfortune. Fearful or anxious about something specific. Bravery and courage.
Mustard Mustard Inexplicable sadness, gloom and despair, like a black cloud. Don't know why you feel that way. Clarity of thought.
Oak Oak Those who unrealistically never give up. Keep going when you need to rest. Admit limitations.
Olive Olive Mental and physical exhaustion. More energy.
Pine Pine Guilt and self-blame. Relief of guilty feelings.
Red Chestnut Red Chestnut Concern or fear about welfare of others (particularly loved ones) that something unfortunate may happen. Rational concern, remain calm without anxiety.
Peace of mind.
Rock Rose ** Rock Rose Fright, panic attacks, terror, hysteria. Extreme terror. Courage/calm state of mind & put things into perspective.
Rock Water Rock Water Strictness and self-denial. Understanding.
Scleranthus Scleranthus Indecision, mood swings, tend not to discuss with others. Quick decisions with no dilemmas.
Star of Bethlehem ** Star of Bethlehem Distress and unhappiness due to shock or trauma (timeless). Comfort and consolation.
Sweet Chestnut Sweet Chestnut Anguish; those at the end of their endurance. Optimism and peace of mind.
Vervain Vervain People with fixed opinions; need to convert those around them, over enthusiastic. Peace and tranquility.
Vine Vine People who always think they are right and can be directional and overbearing. Patient leader.
Walnut Walnut Unable to break links with the past (transitions in life), and easily influenced. Protection from change and outside influences.
Water Violet Water Violet Proud and aloof. Like your own company but sometimes feel lonely. Calm, serene and more approachable.
White Chestnut White Chestnut Obsessive and worrying thoughts that seem impossible to control. Peace of mind and tranquility.
Wild Oat Wild Oat Dissatisfaction, indecision, uncertainty as to correct path in life. Purposefulness and decisiveness.
Wild Rose Wild Rose Resigned; apathetic. Disinterested. Spirit of joy.
Willow Willow Resentful, self-pity and bitterness. Ability to forgive and forget.  Back in control.


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