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Four sprays of Rescue Remedy saved my day this week when our son called to tell us his truck had broken down AGAIN while away at college. Our dog getting sick in the back seat of our car after sensing our nervous tension, when we had rushed to get back home to get ready for work on time. What a day!!! Rescue Remedy wiped away my nervous energy and gave me a sense of calm and peace. T. Nielsen

When my son William was a little nervous about the ceremony for entering into Beavers I offered him a "squirt" of the Rescue Remedy.  He said he felt better and had no apprehension.  Later that evening when I was tucking him in he said "I'm afraid of the dark ... can I have some of that rescue remedy".... I left the bottle on his nightstand and all was peaceful. Jennifer Bird, Comox, BC

When I began the Bach Remedies I was feeling completely depressed, useless, and tired? I was always making excuses to do nothing and for why I did nothing. But only after a few days of taking my first remedy already family and friends noticed a change in me and that change only progressed. Now I feel like I’ve had a 360 degrees change and I’m feeling better now then I ever have. Not only that but the people in my family seem to have changed from it as well. Coral  

I began working with Sarah in November 2004 because of insomnia and the anxiety accompanied by sleeplessness. I used three different combinations of Bach Remedies over three months (Vervain, Walnut, Chestnut Bud, Mimulus.) Initially the remedies did not seem to affect me much. However, in January 2005, my insomnia lifted – I began to sleep more regularly, and for longer hour, which affected my working life. I now feel more grounded in regards to my work, which can, at times, feel overwhelming. My overall mood is more positive and, in general, I feel a lightness and sense of well being that has been lacking in the past four to five months. Thank you, Sarah and thank you Dr. Bach. Judith

The remedies arrived in the middle of last week but they started working before then! Lillian has been so taken by the whole process that there has been a change in her already. I think it is to do with the acknowledgement that certain emotional issues exist for her and the attention and sense of being special that treating them has brought for her. She has taken the bottle with her everywhere to show who she can and she knows her remedies (and mine) and what they are for off by heart. Alice

Our boys Rufus and Brutus are rescued and come with their own little bundle of joy and 'issues' Brutus in particular does not enjoy outings in crowded areas and especially riding on BC Ferries, which we ride quiet often. Even with obedience training, he tends to overreact in these situations and when he's 130lbs+, it is difficult to control him when I am 5' 2" on a good day. Our friends suggested Rescue Remedy. We purchased the bottle and completely fall in love with the product. Rescue Remedy does not 'tranquilized' Brutus like Gravol does, Rescue Remedy takes away the 'edge' After using the product on Brutus, he listens and focus better in stressful situations and definitely calmer but still very alert and playful. We have not encounter any side effect and he accepts the squirts into the mouth with a smile. Definitely a life saver because now we can take him to more places and BC Ferries ride are more pleasant, he no longer tries to 'eat' the bright yellow and orange ferry employees. Margaret Lam

I am just writing to you to you to let you know what I have experienced with using Bach Flowers for our dogs, our plants and myself.

Our dog has been pretty excitable in the past and I have been using one of your remedy mixtures and we have noticed at how much calmer he has become. He loves taking the mixture right out of the palm of my hand. As soon as he sees the bottle he comes over to me wagging his tail. He has had to have surgery recently and the mixture that you have given us for him for that has helped him with the healing. He is much easier to handle and more controllable yet none of these have changed his personality. One of our dogs used to suffer from separation anxiety and after giving her some Bach Flowers we have not noticed her acting the way she used to at all anymore.

The remedies that I have used for myself have made me feel so much more at ease and have given me a much better sleep at night. I even use your Rescue Remedy when I repotting my plants and none of them have responded in a negative way to doing this at all.

You have helped us out so very much and I have recommended you to many people on many occasions. Thanks for everything and I will continue to recommend You and the Bach Flowers. CB from Comox

After taking a dose of Walnut "It felt like there was a warm and secure blanket that was just draped over my shoulders and it helped me to center and relax" Jane N

From being unable to move on articles of clothing for fear of needing those in the future to a clutter free home. I attribute this miracle to a consultation and the subsequent mix of Bach remedies Sarah prepared for me. Dee M

After taking the remedies I found that I was having "Bolts out of the blue" sudden decisive thoughts coming into my head from nowhere. I can already feel myself being more positive in my own ability to make decisions and to know what I need instead of relying on everybody else to tell me what they want me to do! Sue H

Since taking the remedies I have felt a lot calmer and more optimistic about life in general. Gill E

I was on my way to the first day of the Bach Flower Level 1 Workshop with Sarah and I stopped to buy a tea and breakfast. They had put it in an extra-large cup and stacked a large holder under it; needless to say it was not stable as it teetered in my cup holder. As I was approaching a busy intersection the cup tipped and spilled the scorching hot tea on my leg and burned it. I had to quickly get off the road as the burning wouldn't stop. It felt like my skin had peeled off, it was so painful.

I drove quickly to Sarah's and told her what happened as I thought I would have to cancel the workshop and go to the hospital. Sarah immediately gave me some Bach Rescue Cream and I put it on my burned leg. The burned area was quite large and the skin was red and raised. As soon as I put it on I could feel the soothing relief from the pain. I applied it throughout the day and that night and I would immediately feel a soothing response and the pain would subside. The burned area healed very quickly and I am only left with a small scar as a reminder. The Bach Rescue Cream truly "rescued" me from what I felt could of been an extremely nasty burn. I now carry a tube in my purse at all times and know that the quick relief and lasting effects are close by. Thank you very much Sarah for the incredible workshop and your immediate response with the Rescue Cream. Susan Pipes

November 2008 had some extremely stressful moments in it. Sarah was there for one of them and mixed me up a batch of remedies that I'm pretty sure kept me sane. I remember telling her that it felt like there was a warm and secure blanket that was just draped over my shoulders and help me centre and relax so that I could continue. Over the past year, Sarah and I have met for consultations and as my life was changing, so were the remedies Sarah put together for me. They say that when the remedy is right, the patient remembers to take it and I always remembered to reach for my remedies. Thanks so much, Sarah, for all your support during this past year. Jane N

A few years back I was about to become an empty nester, and was approaching middle age and menopause at the same time. What a combination! I was feeling very unsure of what direction I wanted my life to take, and making simple decisions was difficult. I was emotional, bursting into tears at times for no reason. I went to see Sarah, who listened to my story and made up a remedy for me. As soon as I started taking the remedy I felt calmer, and was able to make rational decisions about what I wanted to do with my life. I continued to take the remedy for a couple of months to keep me 'balanced'. I still keep a bottle of Rescue Remedy in my purse at all times, in case I find myself in a stressful situation. L.T.

Feature Testimonial May 2003:

After taking the remedies I found that I was having "Bolts out of the blue" sudden decisive thoughts coming into my head from nowhere. I would think "Why didn't I think of that before?" Things seemed simpler and almost as though my mind was untangling the knots of thoughts that were built up. I have only been taking the remedies for 2 days so I feel that gradually the answers that I’m seeking will become clearer, as the "knots" untangle. I can already feel myself being more positive in my own ability to make decisions and to know what I need instead of relying on everybody else to tell me what they want me to do! Sue

Story behind testimonial:

Sue has been a friend of mine since we met in 1988 doing voluntary work in remote parts of Ontario for 3 months. This included a winter in a remote fly-in part of Ontario. We were both English lasses in our early 20s.

Sue and I were no strangers to traveling and doing voluntary work in Europe and Canada. I carried on for a few years after that, and finally ended up in Canada myself.

However, Sue continued to travel and work in the UK and Canada.

In 2003 when I became familiar with the Bach Flowers (having done the Level One, and started my own business Inner Harmony Healing) I thought Sue could do with some remedies to bring some direction in her life.

She was staying with an old boyfriend in northern BC, trying to re-kindle the old flame, when I sent a personalized mix for her. It contained Scleranthus (Decision Making), Wild Oat (Direction in life), and a few other remedies I thought would be of use.

A few weeks later she came to stay with me, and picked out some remedies for herself.

Before she left I asked her to write a testimonial for me (see above), and to sign our visitors book. While most people usually sign their name and write a few comments, Sue on average takes up 3 pages.

I thought nothing of her entry really. Then a few months later my family and I went over to England for a visit, and hoped to be able to meet up with Sue. When we got to the UK she called to say she could not see me because she was going back (worked there for a short time about a year previously) to work in Fair Isle, Scotland ( Britain’s
most remote inhabited island) at the Bird Observatory because they were short staffed.

The next time I heard from Sue, she said she had met someone and was engaged!!!!! It was then that I remembered her entry in our visitor's book.


May 1, 2003

It has been ten years since my last entry in this book, and I’m back again – I keep wafting thru. Unfortunately my life is no more settled and I am still a ‘Spinster of the Parish’. I have spent the last month with an old boyfriend, and back up there tomorrow for 6 weeks. It’s make or break time! I’m not sure which way it will go. I’ll either live happily ever after or head back to the UK mid June to look for a job in remotest Scotland where I can gaze out to sea, make furniture out of driftwood and learn to play the bagpipes. Who knows, Sarah has been loading me up with Bach Flower Remedies, desperately trying to bring some meaning and direction into my poor, sad, directionless life. I live in hope that I may suddenly have a ‘lightening bolt’ moment and know where I am going….. Sue

I called Sue to tell her about it, and what a coincidence it was. Some time later I called her mother to talk about her engagement and the entry in my visitors book. Her mother said if she knew that there was such a simple solution, she would have given her some remedies years ago!!