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Decluttering made easy...

Recently for unforeseen circumstances we quickly had to remove clutter from each room in our house.  Within a few hours we had a car full of unwanted items that were ready to be taken to the charity store.  After a week we are gradually decluttering and getting rid of unwanted items that have been lurking in wardrobes for far too long. It feels good to have ‘less stuff’ and it makes the house seem tidier and bigger.

For some just the thought of decluttering is overwhelming. This can be attributed to not knowing where to start so put it off, not wanting to part with their treasures for sentimental reasons, and because they may have some use one day.

This is where the Bach Flowers come into their own, helping with the will power to get started and with the emotions that are attached to your treasures.

Pine is for giving us the ability to accept responsibility realistically and to have sound judgment without feeling guilty. If at some point you feel overwhelmed once the furniture is being moved around and there is a huge mess of papers on the floor, Elm helps to put everything into perspective and self-assurance that it will be done in the end.

If you start something and get discouraged Gentian is the remedy to assist with the feeling that no task is too daunting to undertake. For feelings of hopelessness Gorse is your remedy, which gives a sense of hope and faith.

Too tired or busy to declutter? Olive provides a restoration of strength and vitality. If even the thought of the rearranging and lifting heavy objects around makes you feel tired, Hornbeam helps with the ability to get on with it.

Now that your house has been rearranged and decluttered to the best of your ability everything seems different. Walnut is for adapting to change and that it is possible to move forward.


From being unable to move on articles of clothing for fear of needing them in the future to a clutter free home. I attribute this miracle to a consultation and the subsequent mix of Bach remedies Sarah prepared for me. D.M

Confused about the choices/selection of remedies that are best for you? This is when a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner can assist with the selection. But, wait a minute, didn't Dr. Bach intend them to be a simple system for everyone to use and saw them as the 'Medicine of the Future'. So how can I learn more?

There are 3 levels offered by the Bach International Education Program that is approved by the Bach Center. By taking the first level you will experience the remedies first hand and learn how to incorporate them into your daily life. The second level helps you deepen your knowledge of the flower remedies and how they relate to your life goals and personality.

Full list of the 38 remedies

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