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Bach Flower Summer Solutions


Ah, the lazy hazy days of summer.  Trips to the beach, camping, and going on vacation. Yes, summer can be a wonderful time of year. But unfortunately we must not forget about: sun-burn, bug bites, long delays at the airport, the increasing gas costs, company coming, and the kids being home all summer.

Fortunately the Bach Flowers can come to the rescue for many summer woes.  Just by opening up my kit of 38 remedies the possibilities of how they can help came jumping out at me.

  • Itchy bug-bites, sunburn, long line-ups, households full of kids and/or company can bring feelings of intolerance. For these situations Beech can aid us with tolerance and the ability to see good in others.
  • Cherry Plum is for when you feel as though you are about to loose self-control.  This is particularly helpful for dealing with itchy bug bites that are driving you crazy, or for a child having a temper-tantrum, and even road rage.
  • Do your kids keep asking you ‘Are we there yet’, or do you find long line-ups and delays irritating? If you want things done ‘right now’ Impatiens may be for you.  Impatiens is for patience and gives you the ability to cope calmly and diplomatically with irritating problems.
  • You desperately want to wear your new swimsuit or pair of shorts but feel a bit self-conscious.  Larch provides confidence in those situations and is particularly helpful for public speaking, tests and examinations.
  • Fearful of flying or all the creepy crawlies that appear in the summer?  Mimulus can help us cope with known fears, and gives us the courage to face our fears with confidence.
  • Do you have trouble sleeping because your sun-burn and/or bug bites are bothering you, or just have general worrying thoughts that seem to go round and around? White Chestnut assists with a peace of mind and a clear head. Problem solving and worry is replaced with the trust in a positive outcome.
  • Rescue Remedy is a five in one remedy that is ready to go anytime. It contains Rock Rose (for terror and panic), Star of Bethlehem (for timeless shock), Cherry Plum (for panic-stricken irrational thoughts), Impatiens (for restless agitation) and Clematis (for feelings of faintness). Together they help deal with any emergency or stressful event. Handy to carry with you at all times, you never know when you may need it.
  • Rescue Cream contains natural ingredients to which Rescue Remedy and Crab Apple have been added, making it a very versatile, soothing and healing salve.  Its application should be when the skin has been cleaned.  Rescue Cream is used for numerous bumps, bruises, insect bites, sunburn etc.

Full list of remedies

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