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New Year, New You...


 Another year gone by, Christmas and all the festivities over, now it is back to reality. Now what ... same old same old routines? Or do you want to start the New Year afresh and be a new you?

The question is do you just want to break old habits or are you ready for something a bit more major such as a career change or moving? Need some assistance with decision making/ uncertainty?  The Bach Flower Remedies are an option that may be able to assist.

 Feeling uncertain or having difficulty making a decision? 

Distrust your own judgement, and often ask the advice or opinion of others for reassurance or confirmation? Cerato assists with helping one to feel self-assured and decisive and to trust your own inner wisdom and follow it.

Do you suffer from indecision and find it difficult to make decisions, particularly when faced with a choice of two possibilities? Scleranthus can assist with being  able to make quick decisions and act promptly when necessary.

Have you reached a cross-roads in your life and undecided as to what to do and making you feel , frustrated and dissatisfied? Wild Oat is helpful in the realization of one's true vocation; a clear picture of what to do in life, with positive ideas and ambitions. 

Suffering from a set-back?

Try Gorse if you give up when things go wrong, Gentian if you feel a bit let down after a setback and Hornbeam if you put things off, feeling tired at the thought of starting something.

Feeling fearful?

If you are fearful about change try Mimulus if you feel shy or anxious about something specific or Aspen if you are anxious but can't say why.

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