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Heal Thyself

In this hectic World, with busy schedules, families to care and worry about, constant communicating with the latest gadgets,  it is hard to find time for ourselves.
As a Doctor, Homeopath and  healer Dr. Bach was very observant of how people lived their lives and how it affected them emotionally.
In his book 'Heal Thyself', his opening paragraph in Chapter 7 states: "And now we come to the all-important problem, how can we help ourselves?. How can we keep our mind and body in the state of harmony which will make it difficult or impossible for disease to attack us, for it is certain that the personality without conflict is immune from illness." 
His six points to help ourselves are:  
Firstly to considers the mind, and suggests  "If we could set aside a short time everyday, quite alone and in a quiet place as possible, free from interruption, and merely sit or lie quietly, wither keeping the mind blank or calmly thinking or one's work in life,  it will be found after a time that we get great help at such moments and, as it were, flashes of knowledge and guidance are given to us."
Secondly,to develop virtues and to strive to develop the qualities in our lives we know are missing.
Thirdly, to have zest for life and to develop a joy in the adventure of our journey through life. Watch for opportunities, slow down and notice what is going on around us.
Fourthly, to appreciate the simple things in life; go for a walk on the beach, watch the sun-set etc. Don't let your smart phone control your life and it can be switched off!

Fifthly, to put away all fear and to look on the brighter side of life. "Fear in reality holds no place in the natural human kingdom, since the Divinity within us, which is oneself  
is unconquerable and immortal ... and have nothing of which to be afraid."
Lastly, to care for our bodies - to eat healthily,  have a moderate amount of sleep, and get plenty of sunshine and fresh air. "Without too much identifying ourselves with our bodies we should treat them with respect and care, so that they may be healthy and last the longer to do our work."   
Download a free copy of Heal Thyself courtesy of the Bach Centre

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