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What the Bach Flowers can do for you...

The Bach flowers are a simple system of healing that brings out the positive emotions that are laying dormant within you. 

When choosing which remedies to take consider the following:

  • Ignore physical symptoms
  • How are you feeling today?
  • Take no notice of how you felt yesterday or may feel tomorrow
  • Simply take two drops of the appropriate remedy to restore equilibrium  
  • Take the remedies regularly until they no longer apply
  • Make a new selection
  • Stop when you feel you don't need them anymore

Comments from people who have taken the remedies:

"I felt a wave of peace and calmness."

"After taking a dose of Walnut, it felt as though there was a warm and secure blanket that was just draped over my shoulders and it helped me to center and relax."

"I found as though I was having 'bolts out of the blue': sudden decisive thoughts coming into my head from nowhere."  

"After taking some Oak I did not feel guilty about relaxing on the couch after school.  I was impressed and more aware of self-forgiveness and self-permission." 

"I certainly became aware of new ways in which I can deal with some old issues... Find the correct plant, or combination, and let the remedies do their work."  

 "We can accept the remedies into our life and take them, knowing that they will help us in our personal growth and well-being." Dr. Bach 

So how are you feeling today, and what can the remedies do for you?

Full list of 38 remedies

Bach Flower Reflections


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