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Be true to yourself...

The Bach system is made up of 38 healing plants addressing the different states of mind. The remedies help the physical body to gain strength and assist the mind to become calm, widen its outlook and strive towards perfection, thus bringing peace and harmony to the whole personality.
Dr. Bach intended the Bach Flower Remedies to be a simple self-help measure available to people from all walks of life.

Dr. Bach believed that everyone had a purpose in life, but often got lost on the way. The Flower Remedies help us to become our true selves and that we will in turn rediscover our true purpose in life, health and true healing would then follow shortly.

It is very easy as a parent/friend/relative to try and influence others and think that you are giving them some good sound advice as you are older and wiser and know best.
“Parents should be on guard against any desire to mould the young personality according to their own ideas or wishes” Heal Thyself ~ Dr. Bach

Luckily the Bach Flowers can assist to help us from being distracted from our true purpose in life…

Walnut helps to protect us from change and outside influences so we can remain on track to what/where we want to go in life.

Pine provides us with relief from feeling guilty.

Centaury assists us with being more assertive so we have the confidence to make our own decisions and to be able to say ‘no’.

Larch helps us to gain confidence in areas where it is needed.

Wild Oat can give us the ability to find purposefulness and decisive direction in life.
Download a free copy of Heal Thyself courtesy of the Bach Centre

Full list of 38 remedies

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