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Embracing change

Embracing change

 At this time of year (August) we are gearing ourselves up for a new academic year be it school or higher education. Change can be an exciting, taken for granted, come about with dread, or somewhere in between.  As a parent one needs to put on a ‘calm’ front (even though you may be feeling anxious etc.) as not to let others pick up on it and make them anxious.

 One never knows what life will throw our way, and how we will react to it.  This is where the Bach Flowers can provide us with protection and a safety-net to help cope with change.

Some remedies that may assist us are:

Walnut is the remedy to help protect us against outside influences in general, and against the effects of change in particular.

As a remedy against the effects of change, Walnut is useful at all the transition points in life, from birth to teething to going to school to puberty to marriage to childbearing to retirement and beyond. It helps break links with the past so that we can move forward more easily.

 Honeysuckle is for people who live in the past instead of the present. They feel that their best days are behind them and that there is little to look forward to, and as a consequence they prefer to dwell on past happiness (or past misfortunes). On a more minor key, homesickness and nostalgia are also Honeysuckle states.   

This remedy helps us to learn from and recall the past without needing to relive it, so that we can progress into the present and take joy from today and tomorrow.

Red Chestnut is for people who feel fear for the well-being of others: the husband afraid when his wife goes out alone after dark; the mother fretting over what may happen to her child at school.  

 Red Chestnut fears are natural, normal concerns magnified to the point where they have a negative effect on the people who are the object of concern, undermining their confidence and self-belief.

When we are in this state the remedy helps us send out calm, unworried thoughts to our loved ones, so that instead of making everyone anxious we are rocks on whom others lean.

There are 38 remedies in all, which can be custom blended for whatever is going on in your life. They work subtly by bringing out the positive qualities that are already in you.

Full list of 38 remedies





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