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Bach Flowers for men.

Whether it is a result of their upbringing or an inherited tendency to take more risks, men as a whole tend to pay a great deal less attention to their health than women do. In general, men are reluctant to admit they need help with their health, despite suffering from the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle.

The aim of the Bach Flower Remedies is to promote and maintain mental and emotional health in all situations and stages of life. Positive thinking and emotional health give you a head start whenever you are faced with a specific problem.

Once men are in their middle years, 40 to 60-age range, they begin to look back on their lives and wonder if they have achieved their dreams/ambitions, and feel as though time is running out. This can bring on anxiety, depression. resentment, plus physical symptoms such as tiredness.

As the individual’s emotional state is the single and entire cause of the problems associated with a mid-life crisis, the Bach Flower Remedies can be particularly helpful. Some examples are:

· Walnut can help to make changes and break old unwanted links to ways of life that are now past.
· Larch can assist with a loss of confidence.
· Elm is for those who feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities.
· Wild Oat is for those who are dissatisfied at not being able to find a worthwhile and fulfilling role in life.
· Mimulus for the fear of getting older.
· Oak for the man who tries to ignore the crisis and plod on with his everyday work, often extending himself beyond the point of breakdown.
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