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Suffering from sleeplessness?


Suffering from sleeplessness?

 Sleeplessness can be caused by many factors, whether it is from worry, anxiety, fear, or just the inability to shut your mind off at night. The Bach Flower Remedies can help you deal with the emotions that surround sleeplessness and will hopefully assist with a good night's sleep.  

 Do you have an active mind with thoughts constantly going around and around, which however hard you try keep returning?

Try White Chestnut for a peace of mind and clear head for positive problem solving. Worry can then be replaced by trust in a positive outcome and solutions to problems will come to mind easily.

 Are you anxious of fearful about something?

If you have unknown fears try Aspen for an inner peace. For known fears try Mimulus to give you the courage to face trials and difficulties with confidence. For fears of over-concern for the welfare of others (especially family) Red Chestnut will assist you to care for them compassionately and calmly when asked to do so.

Stressed out and overwhelmed by your daily workload and responsibilities?

Try Elm, this remedy can help you to put things into perspective, so that you can take on only what you can cope with, and at the same time look after your own needs.

 Feeling over tired, exhausted and out of energy?

Olive will help you regain the strength and ability to get through the day, at the same time helping you realize when it is time to take it easy.

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