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Unearth the secrets of the Bach Flowers


Are you intrigued with the Bach Flower Remedies and ever wondered what each of the 38 remedies can actually do and what is the best way to take them?

The remedies often sit in a dark place on a low shelf in health food stores and by just looking at the name of the remedy it does not let you know exactly what it can do for you or how to take them.

Below here are some answers to your questions.

How do I know which ones to take?
Think of how you are feeling emotionally right now. Then take the one or ones that correspond to those feelings. Dr. Bach wanted the remedies to have simple clear cut indication so they can be a form of self-help.

What is the dosage?
For immediate use for passing moods, simply take two drops of any remedy (four of Rescue Remedy) of your choice from a stock bottle either by mouth or in a glass of water.
For longer-term use, up to seven remedies (two drops and four of Rescue Remedy) of your choice can be added to a 30ml dropper bottle, topped up with mineral water. From this four drops can be taken at least four times a day.

How long do I take them for?
The remedies can be taken as often as needed, and there is no chance of over-dosing, if they are not needed they will not work.

When do I need to seek the help of a qualified Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner?

When you are not sure about which remedies to take for your particular situation. BFRPs are trained to help you select remedies, and at the same time teach you more about them.

The role of the Practitioner is to be the client's guide, listen to what they have to say, and then make suggestions as to which remedies can assist. These are then discussed and the client then makes the final decision on which remedies goes into their personal mix.

Are there any courses that you can take?
Yes, there are 3 levels offered by the Bach International Education Program that are approved by the Bach Centre. By taking the first level students will become familiar with all of the 38 remedies; learn how and when to use the remedies in everyday life; and gain insight into the history and healing philosophy of Dr. Bach.


The second level gives you a deeper understanding of the many subtle differences of the remedies and you will gain confidence in selecting the appropriate remedies for yourself and others.

Finally Practitioner Training (Level Three) you will learn to use the remedies in a professional manner. You will gain listening and communication skills on how to conduct a consultation.


Full list of 38 remedies

Upcoming classes

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