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The ABCs of the Bach Flower Remedies

Are you intrigued with the Bach Flower Remedies and ever wondered what each of the 38 remedies can actually do and what is the best way to take them?

The remedies often sit in a dark place on a low shelf in health food stores and by just looking at the name of the remedy it does not let you know exactly what it can do for you or how to take them.

Below here are some answers to your questions.

How do the remedies work?
The Bach Flower Remedies work by subtly restoring balance to negative emotions i.e. stress, depression, fear.

How do I know which ones to take?
Think of how you are feeling emotionally right now. Then take the one or ones that correspond to those feelings.

What is the dosage?
For immediate use for passing moods, simply take two drops of any remedy (four of Rescue Remedy) of your choice from a stock bottle either by mouth or in a glass of water.
For longer-term use, up to seven remedies (two drops and four of Rescue Remedy) of your choice can be added to a 30ml dropper bottle, topped up with mineral water. From this four drops can be taken at least four times a day.

Are there any other ways to take them?
Yes. The drops can either be taken directly into the mouth, or added to the beverage of your choice. They are not affected by smells, flavours, or heat.

How long do I take them for?
The remedies can be taken as often as needed, and there is no chance of over-dosing, if they are not needed they will not work.

Are the remedies safe for every family member to use?
Yes, but if you have any doubts always refer to a medical professional.
For a full list of the Remedies and what they can do for you - 38 Flower remedies.

Still confused? This is when a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner can help assist with the selection. But, wait a minute, didn’t Dr. Bach intend them to be a simple system for everyone to use and saw them as the ‘Medicine of the Future’. List of Practitioners.

Are there any courses that you can take?
Yes, there are 3 levels offered by the Bach International Education Program that are approved by the Bach Centre. By taking the first level, for example, students will become familiar with all of the 38 remedies; learn how and when to use the remedies in everyday life; and gain insight into the history and healing philosophy of Dr. Bach. Find an approved course.

Article by Sarah Brune, BFRP.

 ©Sarah Brune.  

Full list of 38 remedies

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