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Learn how to heal yourself with the Bach Flower Remedies

Solace Organic Spa, Salt Spring Island
Are you intrigued with the Bach Flower Remedies and ever wondered what each of the 38 remedies can actually do and what is the best way to take them?
The remedies often sit in a dark place on a low shelf in health food stores and by just looking at the name of the remedy it does not let you know exactly what it can do for you. Before I took my first course on the remedies I had no idea, but as the course progressed I was more and more amazed at their potential.  I had dabbled with them in the past but did not know that apart from taking a  few  drops from the bottle from time to time that there were other ways to take them.
This year I am pleased to be able to offer 4 of the regular courses and 2 courses for pets and people.  Over 2 days you will experience and learn the wonders of the remedies, partake in an overnight experiment, class discussions and come away with a new form of self-healing.
For more information and dates of upcoming courses for 2016 -
Comments from students:

"Sarah reinforced my desire to explore the Bach remedies in depth and provided me with the tools to do so."

"The course has a lot of information but for some reason does not become tedious."

"Sarah is very nice, uses a lot of examples and incorporates students into discussion, which makes the learning process much easier."

"I'm grateful that I was able to begin my Bach Flower Journey with Sarah. She has inspired me to go forward reaching my dreams.!"

"It was an amazing experience and the program helped me realize the core of my true emotions."

Article by Sarah Brune, BFRP.

 ©Sarah Brune.  

Full list of 38 remedies

Rescue Remedy

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Bach Flower Classes


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