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Bach Flower Reflections Book

Bach Flower Reflections Book by Sarah Brune, BFRP


Published: December 2009 by Island Blue Print Co, Victoria, BC

Pages: 84 – Soft Cover

ISBN# 9780986474804

Comments from readers:

I got the book today and got a chance to read a little, and the story about the man in mid-life crises made me smile. The colorful, glossy cover makes the book very inviting. The photos and illustrations are excellent. Easy to navigate and understand, useful tables. I would recommend it to others. Thanks very much for writing this very interesting book. It uses concrete examples which I find easy to relate to.

Back Cover: Bach Flower Reflections provides fresh insights into the Bach Flower Remedies from a practitioner's unique "reflective" interpretation. It gives clear practical advice on all aspects of the remedies, ranging from the work of their creator, Dr. Bach, to how they can help your pet. It shows how the remedies can be used to help resolve everyday emotional situations. Sarah Brune brings the Bach Flower Remedies to life with her creative descriptions of each remedy, how they assist us in our daily lives, along with case histories, and interesting scenarios


Information about Dr. Edward Bach

Questions and Answers about the Bach Flower Remedies

Questions and Answers about Rescue™ Remedy

Bach Flowers Remedies for Animals


Case Histories

Bach Flower Remedy positive and negative indication chart

The Thirty-Eight Flower Remedies – some “reflections”

Photos of the Bach Centre and photos and illustrations of the flowers

This book is a ‘must have’ reference guide to everything you need to know and how to use the Bach Flower Remedies and Rescue Remedy. 

Book Reviews: Sarah's book is a gentle, personal introduction to the Bach flower system, and refreshingly different in tone to most health-focused texts. Illustrated with her own experiences with the remedies, and those of her clients, it's sure to excite further interest in this safe and natural approach to well-being. Stefan Ball, Bach Centre, UK

This is an interesting little book that explains the remedies from a unique practitioner’s perspective. What makes these descriptions different (and interesting) from a standard plant description is that they are written as if the plant was a personality. As an example, we’ll look at Impatiens, which, as its name suggests, is for the impatient person. "Hurry up. I can’t wait all day, you know. We all have families to go home to. You don’t seem to realize, but this has to be done right away." Then, from a person’s perspective after using the Impatiens remedy; "From now on, I will get less stressed about deadlines, as it is not doing my blood pressure any good. It is not the `be all and end all. I will sit back and enjoy my coffee while reading the paper." Marilyn Zink, Publisher, Herbal Collective

Excerpt from the book:

Elm -  How on earth can I get everything done in such a short time? I don't think I can cope; in fact, it is all making me feel anxious and depressed. Company is coming tomorrow, and I need to tidy the whole house, do the shopping, prepare a menu and cook some meals in advance, get the bill payments up to date, and so it goes.

Ah, it is all too much. I just don't know where to start. I know if I sit down with a cup of tea and a drop some Elm in it, maybe things won't look so bad. To start things off I will make a list of what's to be done, and then I'll prioritize the list. I will get the kids to help with some of the housework, then if someone gets the groceries that will help. The rest I can do in no time. I don't know what I was thinking; the house does not need to be that perfect, just slightly neat and tidy. Nobody is going to do the white glove test for dust. Then this evening I can catch up with any other work that needs doing, like paying the bills. Sometimes I just panic, and I know deep down that I am capable of doing things

In the spring, the branches of the Elm tree have clusters of round reddish purple/ brown buds, which from a distance resemble delicious toffee apples. They later turn into leaves.

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