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Letting go...

Parents should be particularly on guard against any desire to mould the young personality according to their own ideas or wishes.  Dr. Bach – Heal Thyself

Now that we are ‘empty nesters it can be hard to draw a line between being helpful and giving out too much advice or suggestions. The same goes for trying to stay in contact and one tries not to ask too many questions or not to phone too often.

Thankfully the Bach Flower Remedies are there to assist so we don’t step over the line and able to remain on good turns with our adult children.

For when you find yourself being critical, interfering or nagging and keep asking your loved ones when they are going to call or come home for a visit Chicory is the remedy to try. It helps you to give maternal love without expecting anything in return and to let you loved ones to be themselves and live their own lives.

Finding it hard to adapt to the change of having an empty house and not being a full-time parent? Walnut is the remedy for protections from change and outside influences.  It helps us to move forward and to make the necessary changes in our lives.

There are 38 remedies in all, which can be custom blended for whatever is going on in your life. They work subtly by bringing out the positive qualities that are already in you.

Full list of 38 remedies.

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