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Keeping calm in a crisis

From time to time does your life seem to be spinning out of control? It certainly has seemed to be a recurring situation in my life recently.

In the past month I have had internet and server problems, which is not so good when you are running a business with an online store. Our phone line was down; we continue to have problems with our vehicle and dishwasher, and the constant saga with elderly in-laws.

The stress level raised last week with an article deadline, the internet was down again, and I was informed by a peer that they liked my website so much that they had decided to copy it - design, content and photos (which has now been resolved). To cap it all the battery in the fire detector was low so every few seconds it beeped, and I was unable to remove the battery.

My homeopath always ensures me that things will pass, and sometimes things get so out of hand that one can see the funny side of it when telling others of all my woes. The same can be said after receiving a text from a friend describing their awful stressful day.

For general stress Rescue Remedy is useful to have on hand. It can help you to face the situation in a better frame of mind, and will help to reduce your fear and nervousness. It contains: Impatiens (keeps you calm), Star of Bethlehem (neutralizes trauma), Cherry Plum (restores balance), Rock Rose (restores courage and a peace of mind), and Clematis (keeps you focused). It can be taken as often as necessary before a stressful event and will provide comfort and reassurance. Rescue Remedy often brings an immediate effect that will put you back in control.

Simply take 4 drops or 2 sprays either directly into the mouth, or added to a beverage of your choice (water, tea, coffee, wine, beer etc.) Take as often as needed.

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