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Follow up consultation with Sarah Brune, BFRP (Half hour)

Follow up consultation with Sarah Brune, BFRP (Half hour)


A follow-up (half hour) consultation is  available for those who have previously had a consultation with Sarah Brune and want to check in to review how they are feeling and if they require a repeat or new mix of remedies.

Consultations are currently available via Zoom or over the phone (250 331 3228) - includes half an hour of assistance, a personal remedy mix, and detailed instructions for use.

As a trained Bach Practitioner, Sarah Brune, BFRP follows the Bach Centre’s Code of Practice

Prior to your appointment you will be emailed the Terms of Service, a Practitioner Declaration to read and sign, in addition to a short client information questionnaire to fill in.

The purpose of a consultation with a trained Practitioner is to discuss what is going on in the client's world, in order to determine which remedies are required at that time. The role of the Practitioner is to be the client's guide, listen to what they have to say, and then make suggestions as to which remedies can assist. These are then discussed and the client then makes the final decision on which remedies goes into their personal mix.

Sarah Brune has been a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner since 2005, and has helped many people and animals over the years.

Please note: The Bach Flower Remedies are not meant to be used as a substitute for medical care or assistance.

Instructions for use will be included with your personal mix.

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