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Rescue Remedy 101

Of all the remedies, Rescue Remedy is the most well known.  It is a mix of five different Bach Flower Remedies, which together help deal with any stressful or emergency situations. In fact you will never know when you will need it and I carry some around with me all the time.

A Formula for Every Body

Benefit from the healing power of Rescue Remedy in five convenient formulations, all of which can be taken as often as required:

  • Rescue drops: 4 drops directly into the mouth, added to a beverage or on pulse points.
  • Rescue Spray: 2 sprays directly into the mouth, added to a beverage or on pulse points.
  • Rescue Pastilles: 2 pastilles by mouth.
  • Rescue Cream: Apply directly to the skin - avoid open wounds. Contains the added benefits of crab apple and can help heal rashes, minor cuts, sore/tired feet, insect stings, bruises, etc.


Negative  State


Assists with…

Cherry Plum



Hysteria &/or loss of self-control


Temper tantrums; hysteria; hyperactivity; on the verge of a breakdown; fearful of releasing emotions etc.    


Calmness and composure



Faintness/ Dreaminess

Dreamy; unable to concentrate; dizziness, absentmindedness; inattentiveness etc.   




Undue agitation

Irritated by other people's slowness; always in a hurry,  restlessness; hyperactive etc. 


Rock Rose



Thunderstorms; certain insects ; going to the dentist; flying; exams, public speaking; interviews;  anxiety attacks etc.    


Peace and fearlessness

Star of Bethlehem


For shock and trauma (timeless)

Receiving bad news; unwelcome surprises;  emergency situations; loss of a job, death of a loved one; divorce etc.  

Comfort and consolation

Crab Apple

(Rescue Cream)

For its cleansing & healing properties - use as soon as possible (not on open wounds)


Insect bites; bruises; scratches; cuts; burns; itching skin; sun burn; any shock/abrasion to the skin; sprains; whip lash etc. 

Topical for minor injuries.



More information about Rescue Remedy



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